Welcome to my personal website, its mostly about Astronomy here.
In my daily life I run a
software developing company called DDQ, and working with (preferably non windows-) computers and gadgets is my second biggest area of interest. Most of my work and hobby is done on a MacBook and on Linux machines. Most of the professional work is related to astronomy and medical science, so i might be one of the luckiest guys around. I work a lot on astronomical apps and citizen science projects like iSPEX, Venus Transit and more recently Dark Sky Meter, an award winning app listed on many famous websites like BBC, en Scientific American.
In 2013 i gave a TED talk about citizen science and apps.
In my spare time i founded and developed, probably the biggest astronomy site in the Dutch spoken languare area.
As of 2012 i am the chairman of the public observatory
Sterrenwacht Limburg in Heerlen. A great place with some unique antique telescopes in it ( A Fraunhofer and a Saegmuller/Fauth telescope). Further on i like to stroll in the woods, listen and play music. Enjoy life and nature. And of course stargazing with my Deep Sky friends!
 Started at a young age with astronomy.  The first star i saw was without a doubt Sirius. I was expecting a huge ball with large flames. But no, it turned out to be a magnified dot..Just a little more intense. It DID start my hobby. Strange isn't it?

My hobby-career started with being a proud librarian (about 50 books ;) of the local astronomy club in Overveen. The Netherlands. I still have those books for rent!  
Then I joined the JWG (JongerenWerkGroep voor sterrenkunde) and became later on the chief (nonsense) of the department Haarlem-Haarlemmermeer-Bollenstreek. It was 20% Astronomy and 80% Adolescence attitude. But we still had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the yearly perseids Party at a farm of Harro, a friend of mine. Later on i gave some astronomy courses at the local community centre. That was very nice.  My main interest was Cosmology and quantum physics. It gave me an escape from daily life. And then I made a long pause because of school, study, and other interests.  In 1999 I visited the cloudy solar eclipse in France. Which I found a But the event that started it all (again!) was the Venus Transit of 2002. A lot of people saw the transit and i bought my second telescope:  a 127mm Maksutov (make: Skywatcher). The internet was a great help in stimulating the hobby! Some dutch sites and of course Cloudy Nights provided a wealth of information. I decided to join  and Both news/forum sites. A little later on i became admin of the astrostart forum (which is now I met a lot of friends and good people. You can read more on it here (HYP) Later on I became vice president of the Copernicus Observatory. Nowadays i am still a volunteer. Organising a public observatory had too less to do with the romantic side of the hobby: Stargazing and teach other people to enjoy the night sky. And thats the main focus for now:  i really enjoy stargazing, despite the fact that i am living in a severe light polluted area. Hopping Markarians Chain and admiring the sight of the Helix Nebula in Southern France is like drugs. No, really! And for free. It is the most peaceful and relaxing hobby there is!